How Hip Happened

The idea behind Hip Brick began a decade ago on a train from Pennsylvania to Connecticut. I passed city after city and countless empty brick buildings. It was obvious many would be demolished, and I wondered what would happen with the bricks themselves.

I learned most would be landfilled. That bothered me and it still does. I believe in recycling – in getting full use of what we make. Bricks provide a great opportunity to do so.

I takes a lot of energy to make a brick, but once created it lasts hundreds of years. The trick is, how do you make an old, dusty brick something people want to buy today?

Hip Brick is my answer. I collect old bricks from transfer stations and demolition sites and turn them into new solar accent lights.

I believe they look really nice.

The East Coast alone is home to more than a million empty brick buildings, and many will be demolished. I want to give these old bricks new life. Hip Bricks is one way to do so.